A defective plumbing system both at home and in....

I called other plumbing companies to compare ....

We at El Dorado Hills Plumbing Company are always there for your plumbing needs any time of the day from Monday until Sunday. The truth is, house owners do not have any idea when a certain plumbing problem would emerge. If you are having a hard time about your plumbing system, you can call on our hotline and we will surely be there for you. We set up bathroom fixtures like sinks, bathtubs, showers, heaters and more! Read on our services offered so that you will know why you should choose El Dorado Hills Plumbing. For inquiries you can call or visit us on our nearest location. Here are more of our services offered:

·         Leaky Pipes Inspection

·         Project Quotation and Estimates

·         Basic Maintenance and Repair

·         Sewer Repair and Construction

·         Installation of Bathroom Fixtures

·         Sprinkler System Set Up

·         Pipe Lines Inspection and Repair

·         Pipe Lines Construction

·         Commercial Plumbing

·         Gas Line Set Up

·         Water Drain Construction and Maintenance

Our services are not limited on what’s on the list. You can call us for your questions now!

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